Our programs highlight the life and work of famous artists from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds. Some are designed for use in universities, colleges, and schools, while others are more suited to the elementary, middle and high school classroom. Follow program links above to learn more.

Visitors will note that there is an emphasis on African American art and artists. Research shows that there are glaring discrepancies in education about and exhibition of the work of African American artists, both past and present. Programs and links on this website address this deficit by serving as a resource of information and ideas. For more information about this important topic please click here.

Faith Ringgold

Visual Art and the Politics of Race and Culture: A Conference Featuring Faith Ringgold

This cross curriculum art education program consisting of a keynote address, 4 art workshops and a panel are offered for teachers, students and docents at colleges, art institutions and museums.

A one-day workshop for teachers and coordinators of art programs to explore and inspire studio processes that enhance student learning, reflect important historical documentation, and cultivate dialogue about the contributions made to the arts by African American artists, both past and present. This cross curriculum art educational program consisting of a keynote address, 4 art workshops and a panel are offered for teachers, students and docents at colleges, art institutions and museums. Workshops: Inspiration and Interpretation: Unique Insights into the Lives and Work of African American Master Artists, Wish Wrap Dolls, A Patchwork of Experiences - The Story Quilts of Faith Ringgold, and Art Historical Resources of the Anyone Can Fly Foundation.org Website. Continuing education credits dependent upon your institution.

Click here to view a pdf about the program. Photos from previous programs can be viewed by clicking here.


Tar Beach quilt

Celebrating Faith Ringgold: Stories Through Art

A Cross Cultural One-Day Program with hands on Expressive Arts and Art Making Activities for Students and Art Educators in Elementary and Middle Schools and Museums.

Art educator and facilitator Trish Maunder presents a series of workshops highlighting the life and work of International African American artist, writer, educator, and social activist Faith Ringgold. Ringgold is famed for her dynamic Story Quilts such as Tar Beach: Woman on a Bridge #1 (1988), Dancing at the Louvre , and The Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles (1991). A detailed look at Ringgold's art shows the influence of African, Asian, European and American art forms upon her work and illustrates the history of the United States through Ringgold's eyes and experiences. Books, posters and DVD/videos about Ringgold and her work are used to inspire students to participate in exciting art making activities that follow Ringgold's development as an artist. The six-part program of individual and group activities include: story telling, story writing, painting, collage, performance art, mini mural making, music and drama. These activities encourage students to embrace their own creativity as well as relate Ringgold's experiences to their own. The Celebrating Faith Ringgold: Stories Through Art project will culminate in students creating a collaborative "Story Quilt" of their own that may be added to the permanent collection of the school/museum.

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Program brochures

Spotlight on the Artist: Stories Through Art

A cross-curriculum art education program for students, teachers, and docents at schools, colleges, art institutions and museums.

"Best Workshop of the Year" (Jude Harzer- Art Educator)

Art Workshop presented by Trish Maunder and Linda Freeman

A One-Day Program Presenting Cross Cultural Award Winning Documentaries about Famous Artists with Hands-on Workshops. Click here to view a pdf of the brochure.


Girl painting

Pop In for Pippin Workshop: A Living Painting

A traveling art-making workshop designed for students Grades 2-6, based on The Domino Players (1943) by Horace Pippin (1888-1946)

Create a life size painting in your classroom or museum setting using a painted backdrop of the scene from Pippin's The Domino Players (1943) with additional props and costumes to set the scene. Four students become the characters while others paint exactly what they see.

Learn facts of important and historical interest through a digital slide presentation of Pippin's numerous paintings of still life's and portraits as well as scenes from nature, leisure and work activities, World War I and American history.

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From Harlem to the classroom

From Harlem to the Classroom: The Art of Four African-American Masters for Elementary and Middle School Kids

Art Workshops for Students K-8 presented by Trish Maunder, Creative Programs Director of the Timeline of African-American Timeline of Art History for the Anyone Can Fly Foundation

Teaching materials on African American Master Artists: Romare Bearden, Elizabeth Catlett, Aaron Douglas, and Jacob Lawrence comprise a power point presentation, teaching posters, educational videos, hands-on art making workshops and museum/gallery visit.

Programs are offered free of charge to participating elementary and middle schools. Contact Trish for more information.


Child's painting

Anyone Can Fly Foundation

Learn more about the Anyone Can Fly Foundation and its journal of information about African American Visual Artists, and other artists of the African Diaspora, art projects for kids, grant applications, and donations of art for sale to support its important educational mission.


Voices In Cloth

Art Exhibition Voices in Cloth: Story Quilts

(Optional with the above programs)

An exhibition featuring Faith Ringgold, Linda Freeman, and Grace Matthews.

If you are interested in having this exhibition at your gallery or museum, please contact Linda Freeman at 914-238-9366 or visit her website.. To learn more about this exhibition please download the show catalog.